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HD Fitness – Bootcamp Classes

Starting on January 8th, 2018 we are offering a new type of class: HD Fit

HD Fitness will be a bootcamp style classes, involving constantly varied, high intensity bodyweight movements designed to promote fat loss, and increased toning. The classes are 1-hour long, led by a certified instructor, including warm-up, workout, and cool-down.

We are offering HD Fitness on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Classes are at 930AM and Noon.
HD Fitness members are also welcome to participate Saturday Community WOD classes.

Membership for HD Fitness is $100 per month, or $240 for 3 months introductory special!

Call 678.696.0243 or email to get started!

6-Month Special – Save 33%

For a limited time, we are offering the opportunity to purchase 6-months of CrossFit Unlimited for $700 pre-pay. That’s a savings of 33% off the $175 per month rate.

You get access to all CrossFit HD has to offer: CrossFit, Barbell, HD Fit, and Open Gym.
Access 7 days a week.

After 6 months, your membership will convert to a monthly billed program at the current rate.

Call 678.696.0243 or email to get started!

Christmas + New Years Referral Program

Working out can be even more fun when you have a friend struggling with you… or better yet, chasing after you!

Any new member that is referred by an existing member will receive 10% off the membership, for the duration of the membership.
But wait – There’s more!
The referring member will receive $10 off their membership dues every month their referral is active. There’s no cap, so you could actually work out for free every month if you refer enough members!

All of our programs (CrossFit – Barbell Club – HD Fit) are month-to-month memberships with no long-term contracts.

Call 678.696.0243 or email to get started!

WOD Postings for the time being


I will be out of town for work all week, so we will be leveraging a feature of SugarWOD that syncs the app postings to the website.

If you are still visiting our blog for the daily posting, you will see a ‘WODs’ button on the bottom right corner of every page, for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.  You can see the WOD, and the scores for the day but you will still need to use the app to input your score.

Below is a screenshot showing button placement, but it will already be live on the site by the time of this posting.


A1). 2×15 – Band Pull Aparts (Pronated & Supinated)
A2). 2×20 – Wall Facing Shoulder Taps
Gymnastic Prep:
5 RFQ:
2 Wall Walks
4 Skin The Cats
0:20 Partner HS Hold or Free Standing
AMRAP – 16 minutes;
6 Power Cleans @ 135lb/85lb
12 Front Rack Lunges @ 135lb/85lb
6 STOH @ 135lb/85lb
** 4 Bar Facing Burpees every time barbell is dropped
Mobility Work:
Couch Stretch – 2 minutes per side
Bully Stretch – 2 minutes per side


A1). 2×3 – Wall Walks
A2). 2×20 – Single Leg Glute Bridge (20L+20R)
Strength Work:
Back Squat – 4×6 @65%
“Farewell Kenny WOD”
AMRAP – 18 mintues;
400m Run
5 Rope Climbs
10 Cleans @ 155lb/105lb
Mobility Work:
Standing Calf Stretch – 2 minutes per side
Spider Man Lunge & Rotation – 2 minutes per side
Bonus Work:
A1). 3×12 – GHD Sit Ups
A2). 3×12 – Back Extensions


A1). 2×15 – Hollow/Arch Kips on Rig
A2). 2×0:30 – Nose & Toes HS Hold
Skill Work:
Turkish Get Up
** 15 minutes **
4 RFT;
8 Hang Pw Snatches @ 95lb/65lb
6 OH Squats @ 95lb/65lb
16 Box Jump Overs @ 24″/20″
Mobility Work:
Bully Stretch – 2 minutes per side
Couch Stretch – 2 minutes per side
Bonus Work:
5 Rds;
30 sec on / 30 sec off – Side Plank


A1). 2×20 – Frog Pumps
A2). 2×12 – Hanging Straight Leg Raises

Strength Work:
Deadlift – 6×3 @85%

DB Snatch @ 45lb/35lb
** 30 DU’s after each complete set

Mobility Work:
Banded Hip Flexor Stretch w/Rig – 2 minutes per side
Pigeon Stretch – 2 minutes per side

Bonus Work:
Seated Straddle Press (The Z Press)
5 x 8