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Guide to Barbells

We’ve been asked to clear confusion about what bars can be used for what. So here’s a guide and explanation of which task is best suited for which bar:

WOD Bars – These are Rogue 45lb (Blue) – 35lb (White) – 15lb (Green) barbells. There are no restrictions on these bars.
You may WOD
You may do Olympic Lifting
You may perform Strength work, etc…

Olympic Lifting Bars – These are Lynx 45lb (Purple) and B4B/Pendlay 35lb (Pink) barbells. These are to be used for Olympic Lifts ONLY as they are bearing bars that facilitate the pull-under.
You may Snatch and Clean & Jerk.
You may NOT WOD with these bars.
You may NOT Squat/Press or use these bars on the rack in any way as that will damage the knurling over time.

Olympic & Strength Bars – These are Pendlay 45lb (Red) bars. These are bushing bars to be used for Olympic Lifting and Strength work.
You may Snatch and Clean & Jerk.
You may Squat/Press or rack these bars in any way you need.
You may NOT WOD with these bars.

Applicable to ALL bars: Please don’t drop barbells that are not loaded (naked bars), or have only iron plates on them. This can damage the bar’s bearings/bushings, and possibly break the main shaft as well. “Ghost Riding” barbells (dropping them from the top of a movement) is also not allowed for the safety of all members, as they may bounce violently and injure yourself, or a fellow class member.

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